Alvyn Delmirev

Absent-minded boy Wizard


5’6" and slightly scraggly human boy. Tends to dress in fairly stereotypical Wizarding attire, as stories of great and powerful Wizards were what sent him out into the world.

List of Things to Study:

  • Evil Silver Shard (need a lab)
    • Eldritch Silver Etching (with shard)
  • Magic Black Chest (just talk to it every so often)
  • Evil Spellbook (need a lab, and other other Wizards, sensible ones, and a good Divining roll)

Young Alvyn grew up in the island town of Snowdin, where his parents settled in retirement. The son of Biri Delmirev, Dragonborn Fighter and once prison warden to a noble family, and Gregory (currently Delmirev, formerly Farstrider), Human Bard and long-time ‘Adventurer,’ he was regaled nightly with tales of his father’s companions’ exploits, primarily those of the Gnomish Wizard after which he was named, Alvyn the Particular.

Raised on stories of his namesake’s power and ingenuity, it was near certain that Alvyn would follow in his Wizardly footsteps – a chance visit from the elder Alvyn made sure of it. Meeting his young namesake for the first time, the Wizard (widely known for his careful and considered use of powerful magic), caught himself Wishing he could stay and watch the child grow into as great and powerful Wizard as he.

From that day on, Alvyn Delmirev learnt quickly, and Lady Luck seems to have been smiling upon him ever since. By age 7 he was reading better than most adults, by 9 he was devouring every book on magic and metaphysics that he could find. By 10, he was beginning to see snippets of the near future and learning to twist his luck more actively in his favour.

At the age of 11, it was clear he would have to leave home to continue down the path he’d started upon. From there, he Watchful Order of Magists and Protectors in Waterdeep, using his luck, his sharp mind, and his predecessor’s name to secure his place in spite of his youth.

Originally frustrated with some of the limits of Arcane magic relative to its Divine counterpart, Alvyn found himself studying the Weave directly, and garnering little interest in his work from his peers. Around this time, the Watchful Order, began to develop an uncanny interest in the realm of Silverfell, and rumours of a mysterious, magical substance with the ability to influence the Weave directly began to surface.

At age 13, frustrated with his lack of progress and sure that increased control of the Weave itself would hold any answer that might exist to his frustrations, Alvyn packed his bags and left to investigate the matter himself.

In the two years he reached Silverfell, he has been delving dungeons and traversing tombs in search of any knowledge that may aid his research. It was only at age 15, stumbling upon a band of adventurers already knee deep in the machinations of others chasing the same rumours, that Alvyn has had any success, finding the ruins of ancient Elven settlements and a number of artifacts that could be related.

…Since then, while there has been a marked increase in violence, things certainly seem to have grown very Interesting.

Alvyn Delmirev

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