Diero Liadon

illogically happy half-elven warlock


Half-elven male aged about 19, 6’1". Grew up in a happy wholesome household with Elven mother, a scholar and Human father, merchant. His mum went missing on a mysterious expedition when Diero was 11, inspiring him to pursue a career in history and arcane lore so he might eventually find her. He got his wish, embarking on a quest to the same ruins she (probably) went missing in, but unfortunately the whole place was crawling with murderous Fae. Long-story-short, he’s now stranded penniless in the Westlands after witnessing all his companions die, he’s in the thrall of Titania, Fae Queen of the Summer Court, and he’s also sort of a werewolf. But a lovely, happy one! He probably won’t go mad soon.


Diero Liadon

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