Peotyr Stringfellow

Gnomish Bard.


Quick-witted and nimble-fingered, the party encountered Peotyr as part of their caravan on the way to Scarhearth.

Beneath his bungling, jovial demeanour he rapidly proved to be a potent ally and aided the party in defeating a bugbear and pack of goblin raiders that had attacked the caravan and plagued the roads for many months.

After leading the party in their flight from the heavily armed orcish reinforcements summoned by the Bugbear raid captain, he vanished during the night with Sir Felix and the other knights of Hammerfell that Lore freed during the battle. He left a message, instructing the party to make their way to Hammerfell, apologising for his sudden departure on urgent business.

His current whereabouts and affiliations remain unknown, although it seems broadly tenable that he remains on the side of right.


Peotyr Stringfellow

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